Pass certificates and pass type ids play an important role on how Apple Wallet (Passbook) works. Every pass needs to have a pass type id and needs to be protected by a digital signature created using a corresponding pass certificate.

Apple® requires that anyone who issues a pass does so using their own pass type id and corresponding pass certificate.

Pass type ids also play an important role on how passes are grouped in the Apple Wallet (Passbook) application and in the Notification Center. Using your own pass type id guarantees that your passes are not grouped with other passes that might be the ones of your competitors.

Use of PassSlot certificates

We supply a number of Pass Type IDs and Pass Certificates that can be used FOR EVALUATION AND TESTING PURPOSES ONLY.
If you are using them, your passes will have a legal notice on the back of the pass.

For commercial use you are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to use your own pass type id and pass certificate.

Use your own certificates

To create a pass type id (and the corresponding pass certificate) you need to have an Apple® Developer Account. Opening such an account useally takes about 1 or 2 days to complete and costs US$99 per year. Once you have obtained an account, you can create your own pass type ids and pass certificates using our wizard or by following our instructions.