Getting Started with the PassSlot service is easy. Jump right into the API resource documentation. If you have any questions, read the FAQ or contact our support team.


Access all core primitives of PassSlot. If you're building applications that leverages Apple Wallet (Passbook), then this is the API for you.


Webhooks enables developers to be notified about events that happen to your passes.



The PassSlot Zapier App allows you to prototype and easily automate workflows.

Other Programming Platforms

The PassSlot API is also available through mashape. They have client libraries for Node, Java, .NET, etc



If you are developing for iOS, we do have something for you. We've created a SDK that makes Apple Wallet (Passbook) integration a piece of cake. Just add our iOS SDK to your project and you can generate Wallet passes within seconds. You don't need to care about all the details like encryption, API calls or connection handling, our SDK handles this for you.

[PassSlot start:@"<your app key>"];

NSDictionary *values = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:
							@"John", @"firstName" , 
							@"Doe", @"lastName", 
							@"2012", @"memberSince", nil];

[PassSlot createPassFromTemplateWithName:@"Member Card" withValues:values 
	andRequestInstallation:self completion:^{
	NSLog(@"PassSlot is SO EASY!");

The PassSlot SDK is a state of the art SDK that uses all of the exciting new features that the Objective-C language provides:

Download v0.7